Is there a risk of a conflict with stakeholders in your project or against a measure you propose? Are you looking for an out-of-court assessment of your dispute regarding the legitimacy of arguments and individual actors' behaviour? We offer our assistance in this sensitive matter. First, we will sort and analyze the arguments of both sides to make them clear, unambiguous, and comparable. Then, based on objective criteria derived from research findings, we will assess legitimacy of both sides in the dispute. Our assessment is legally non-binding, and we do not take sides. We do not judge which side is right according to the law but rather consider which side has greater legitimacy. It is our obligation to maintain maximum impartiality and objectivity in the assessment. For detailed information, please contact petr.witz@fsv.cuni.cz. 

We do not get involved in the following types of disputes:

  • ideological
  • religious
  • interpersonal
  • family